At Zodiac Windows we can provide you with a custom built conservatory to suit any of your personal needs.  From the early planning all the way through the building process, including any lighting and heating requirements.


Our conservatory roofs offer a range of glass options, or if you prefer you can choose one of our 35mm Polycarbonate options.

  • Clear
  • Low ‘E’
  • Low ‘E’ Bronze
  • Self Cleaning Neutral Tint
  • Self Cleaning Blue Tint
  • Self Cleaning Aqua Tint



All our conservatories are manufactured in our Ammanford based factory, using Legend 70 Profile and the Global Roof System, both of which are amongst the market leaders in their class in the UK.





Self Cleaning Glass


Every glass unit incorporates true, dual action self cleaning glass which breaks down dirt and washes it away.


Since the water does not form into droplets on its surface, this means that you can see clearly out of your windows even when it is raining.


Additionally, when the water evaporates it doesn’t leave behind the usual dirty water droplet marks.  The result is that windows stay cleaner for longer!


The self cleaning coating is also applied as the glass is actually being manufactured.  This means that it is fused into the surface and therefore lasts the lifetime of the pane of glass, unlike the spray on “easy-clean” coatings which wear off after a period of time and need to be re-applied.







double glazing ammanford
double glazing ammanford
double glazing ammanford